whatever happened to
Marmalade Ho?

Marmalade Ho Marmalade Ho is a deceptively cute looking girl living in a place called Clone town. She’s a creative individual in a dull town full of chain shops which are full of the same mass produced rubbish.

She looks different from other people in her town, but she doesn’t care. Sometimes people look at her funny, but she really doesn’t care.

She likes to look different and play with different styles, she customise her own clothes and tends to buy from small independent labels. As I said she looks cute but she has a temper, she gets especially cross with many of the people in her town because they are so dumb and narrow minded.

She doesn’t look different to create attention to herself, she does it because it makes her happy!

She likes to listen to lots of different music especially retro stuff like Blondie and Banarama. She has lots of tapes though sometimes they get too old and break!

Marmalade is always chewing bubblegum, it helps her bite her tongue and from saying all the stuff in her head! She loves to draw in her spare time and kick box. Sometimes she designs how she would like things to be. Most of the time, she’s in her own little world.

Soggy Helix CatSoggy Helix MouseMost people don’t understand why she is the way she is, but a few do. This is the story of how she met some true friends and some of the funny things they get up to.

One day Marmalade Ho was doodling some cute funny looking animals, blowing bubbles absent-mindedly. One of the bubbles had become quite big, when it finally burst it went all over Marmalade and her doodles!

She tried to rub it with her hand, the colours began to run and the paper had become very, very soggy, so soggy it was almost like water.

She didn’t expect the paper to be like this and fell into the drawing head first...

Helix CatHelix MouseWhen she opened her eyes she was a little freaked out at first. The funny little characters she had just been drawing were walking up to her.

The cat and mouse were the same size as each other and the mouse wasn’t a bit scared of the cat. The cat and mouse shook her hand and introduced themselves as Mii-ow and Iik-iik.

This was all very weird, but the strangest thing was how relaxed she felt talking to a cartoon cat and mouse. It seemed a really nice place, nobody looked the same, but they all got along nicely. The sky was bright and sunny but there was a gentle breeze, the perfect summer day.

Iik- iik and Mii-ow took her for a nice cup of tea and some really messed up looking cake that tasted better than it looked. Marmalade had never met anyone like them before yet she felt like she had known them for years, they seemed to understand her so well.

They made each other laugh until they were nearly sick! They all got on so well, time just flew.

Bang Bang BunnyMarmalade realised she should be getting home, she loved this new place but her family and friends would be worried.

Suddenly she heard this beat, it sounded like... like the beat from a drum and bass track?

The three friends turned their heads towards the noise that was getting louder and louder.

A rabbit with Marmalade’s boxing gloves was bounding towards her.

‘Not yet, Bang-Bang!’protested Mii Ow. ‘One more cup of tea at least!’ squeaked Iik-iik.

‘We have to go back!’ panted Bang-bang. He bounced around Marmalade till she felt quite dizzy.

‘Blow a bubble, a big one, you can come back soon. But now you have to go before someone finds out you’re missing!’ wheezed Bang Bang. He was an amazing kick boxer but he also smoked forty a day which caused him to wheeze so.

Marmalade knew he was right and started to wrap the gum around her tongue. Bang-bang was bouncing like a pneumatic drill and making lots of noise.

Out of his pocket he threw Four Clockwork mice at her feet, they started to run around her, faster and faster.

When the bubble got as big as her head, Bang-bang swung round and knocked her back into clone town with a superb spinning back fist!

To be continued...